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Latest Products and Services for the Hair and Beauty Sector
Harley Wax
A complete Range of Hot, Strip and Cartridge wax that will grab hair as short as 1mm.
Tel 0845 6121944

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Sun & Health
New & Used Sunbed Sales, Sunbed Hire,
Lamps, Service and Lotions
• brand new tansun, mega sun, hapro sunbeds from just £5.50 per day
• Show room with over 60 refurbished sunbeds
• ALL major tanning lotions available

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Cryosthetics aim to revolutionise Cryo into the Beauty Market by bringing new and innovative profitable treatments straight to your salon. Our products including the CooLifting gun, Cryopen and Lipocontrast, are equally revolutionary and loved by our clients.
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The one stop for ALL your retail needs
 - Display Props
 - Shopfittings
 - Carrier Bags
 - Hangers
 - Point of Sale
 - Ticketing
 - Showcases
 Over 5,000 products from stock

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Spa Products International
Combining the strength of an acrylic with the clarity of a gel
Please contact us to update your Salon Identity in order to receive extra Discounts and Promotions
Tel: 0115 975 4444

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Concept Salon Design
The UK's leading supplier of quality salon furniture and equipment since 1989.
Showroom and leasing available across our product range.
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Sunbed and Leisure

Up to £2,000 trade in discount on the Stunning new 42 or 48 Tube K Sun with Vibrant colour choice and small foot print

 Options include:
• MP3/Smart Phone
• Vibro Programme
• Leg Tan Enhancer
• Aqua Spray

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Aqua Bleu
The Skin Care Solution for  unsightly... Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair, Razor Burn and related Hair Removal problems
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The Carlton Group
We manufacture and supply an extensive range of quality, affordable electrotherapy equipment, furniture and accessories.
See our website for offers!

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Have you loss your Keys?

No Problem just tell us the number on the lock and we do the rest!

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Robins Packaging
Printers and Suppliers of Paper and Polythene Bags and Carriers.

Suitable for Exhibitions, Promotions and Retail use.
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Approved Business Ltd, Highweald View, Weald Ridge, Ticehurst, East Sussex, TN5 7HT. Registered in England & Wales with number 7112883