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Latest Products and Services for the Total Beauty Sector
Elits Miniecosmo
Multi-technology system for Body and Beauty, offering Radio-frequency, Transdermal, Cavitation, photo-biostimulation & Shockwave Therapy; in a portable unit suitable for all from the highest quality Salon to the mobile beautician.
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Sun & Health
New & Used Sunbed Sales, Sunbed Hire,
Lamps, Service and Lotions
• brand new tansun, mega sun, hapro sunbeds from just £5.50 per day
• Show room with over 60 refurbished sunbeds
• ALL major tanning lotions available

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The Cost Effective Alternative to your Towel Warmer/ Cabinet

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Harley Wax
A complete Range of Hot, Strip and Cartridge wax that will grab hair as short as 1mm.
Tel 0845 6121944

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Salon/Studio Management System
• It will REDUCE your NO SHOWS
• You will GAIN & RETAIN more CLIENTS
• It will keep YOUR client list SAFE
• Special offer this month

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Laser SOS Aesthetics

Increase your salon profits without long-term outlay or commitment

An ipl system that removes unwanted hair, sun spots, age spots & rosacea

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Hotel and guest house supplies including Menu Stands, Captive Hangers, Poster Holders, Cash Registers, Leaflet Dispensers, Conference Supplies and more
Call 0300 445 5666

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has been serving the health, fitness, hairdressing and beauty industry for over 25 years providing throughout the country, safe reliable tanning equipment for the feel good factor of safe sun.
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The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site to 7 different colours! It looks stunning and is extremely low profile and durable.
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